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British multi-genre fiction author who haunts historic sites.

Fiction writer, history lover, map junkie

View of North Landing, Flamborough, Yorkshire, UK — chalk headlands either side with sandy bay on a sunny day.
North Landing, Flamborough, UK. Image by Rob Mason CC BY-SA4.0 via Wikimedia

Hi! I’m Linda Acaster and thanks for stopping by my Profile. We are all busy so I’ll keep this short.

I’m a Brit from the English county of Yorkshire, situated halfway up the country. My close family currently lives a short walk from the chilly North Sea, which has proven…

White chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, England.
Image by Linda Acaster. Part of the chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head, Yorkshire, UK.

Six Word Photo Story: Freestyle

Seventy million years ago, plankton swam.

Flamborough Head in East Yorkshire, England, a mere 20 miles from where we live, is a magnet for birdlife, marine mammals, and educational field-trippers. We’d visited hoping to see the seal colony, but members were away acquiring lunch. …

Image by Linda Acaster

September Six Word Photo Story Challenge: Clouds

To be rewarded with Treasure

Square tower of a British medieval church hiding behind trees
Even today Nature embraces the Church of St Mary the Virgin at Houghton-on-the-Hill, Norfolk, England (Image by author, 2018)

Appearances can be deceptive —landscapes, buildings, people — and at Houghton-on-the-Hill in Norfolk, England, all three quietly came together.

On their retirement, Bob and Gloria Davey moved to North Pickenham for the quintessential quiet village life. They joined the congregation of the local church where Bob became a bell-ringer and…

Short fiction to tantalize the tongue

Risotto showing rice, tomatoes and celery head garnish in a white dish.
Image by Katharina Klinski via Pixabay

I know I’m early, but I like being early. I can have my pick of seats.

It’s a bench this time and I choose the second from the front. …

From graveyard to Postman’s Park to the ultimate altruism.

Ceramic tiles on a brick facade, Postman’s Park, London
A small section of the Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice, Postman’s Park, London. Image © Linda Acaster

In 2009 the name of Leigh Pitt, in recognition of an incident two years earlier, was added to an unfinished Victorian memorial. It was the first name to be added in 80 years, and the reason it stands is due to a series of unrelated events.

At the core of…

LOL! And we need a few laughs.

Linda Acaster

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